About Us

MechaGoose is a project by Toongoose team. We create 2D and 3D animations from idea to final product for almost ten years.

  • Nik Skavinskii

    Founder / CEO

    Nik is a passionate tech entrepreneur. He founded Toongoose in 2014, co-founded Extrabite in 2016 and now works on ML applications in media industry.

  • Georgi Sviridov

    Copywriter Genius

    Georgi write 100+ scripts at Toongoose. He runs a podcast about copywriting and is a co-founder of a copywriting agency.

  • Alex Guskov

    The man who draws geese

    Alex is a talented illustrator and animator. He created thousands of illustrations and helps MechaGoose generate even better images in his style.